Leeds Deaf and Blind Social Group

Working together with Leeds Deaf and Blind Social Group, we have developed the ‘People Access for All – Inclusive Fit’ program which provides an inclusive activity club for young adults and older people who live with disabilities, primarily with lack of sight and/or hearing.  Drawing on our network of specialist coaches, we are able to deliver a program of activities to enthuse and challenge the participant’s specific abilities and mobility by providing a variety of adapted developmental exercise and movements aimed at increasing fitness, mobility and co-ordination.  The program aims to address the community’s health and social problems caused by poverty and lack of resources available particularly to individuals with specialist needs.

Stanley Community Youth Club

Working in partnership with Stanley Residents Group to run a weekly youth club at the local community centre providing activities for 7 to 12 year olds over a 12 month period.  This programme aims to provide young people with positive outcomes such as improved fitness, teamwork skills, self respect and pride in their community.

Roots in Our Community

Our Roots Football Club based in Pontefract started off in 2015 as children in the community had nothing to do after school, at weekends and in school holidays.  Since then, the club has helped over 100 children realise their potential and achieve their ambitions of playing sport in a spirit of co-operation and mutual respect.  It quickly became apparent to the club that not all children in the local area had the opportunity to be part of the club due to social deprivation and financial constraints.  The Roots in Our Community project was developed to set up a local youth club to allow these children to take part in sporting activities after school and in school holidays, keeping them occupied in a positive manner within a safe environment.

Emley Active Youth Group

Working in partnership with Emley & Emley Moor Miners Welfare and Recreation Ground to tackle the rise in childhood and adult obesity by offering children in the local community access to a variety of diverse health and recreational activities that they would not usually have access to.  This project

Kinsley & Fitzwilliam Young Peoples Club

Working with Kinsley & Fitzwilliam Learning and Community Centre to run a youth club targeted at young people aged between 8-12 yrs involving young people at risk from crime and antisocial behaviour.  Through participation in fun, engaging recreational activities such as fitness training, arts and crafts, DJing, dance, self-defence this project allows young people to develop their personal and social skills.  To ensure this project is sustainable after the initial 12 month period, we are also recruiting older teenagers to learn how to deliver the activities by supporting them with accredited training and educational opportunities.

Swinnow Youth

Working with Swinnow Community Centre to run a ‘Young Leaders Awards’ program alongside their weekly youth club and out of school holiday clubs.  This project aims to offer children in the local community access to a variety of diverse health and recreational activities that they would not usually have access to and provide the opportunity to recruit older children on to the Young Leaders Award program.  This program provides young people with the skills, knowledge and confidence to become Community Leaders, leaving a legacy of volunteers to sustain the project in to the future.

Priory Activity Club – Barnsley MENCAP

Working with the Barnsley MENCAP to provide an activity club for the local service users and carers who live with a disability. This program was developed to deliver fun activities to the MENCAP users whilst providing carers with some respite time.  The activities are designed to challenge the participants abilities and mobility and are delivered in a safe, familiar environment by specialist coaches with an emphasis on having fun!

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