What we do

  • Support existing sports clubs and create new club opportunities and settings through the development of multi-sport community clubs.
  • Work in partnership with schools to negotiate community use of facilities.
  • Develop programmes that will engage the young people and act as a diversion to antisocial behaviour and petty crime.
  • Provide opportunities for training, education and employment of local people.
  • Deliver¬†Community Sports Leaders Awards, Sports coaching awards, and coach education.
  • Provide specific programmes for young people with a disability.
  • Maximise opportunities for community cohesion using sport as a tool.
  • Address the health and fitness issues that surround young people.
    Provide a focus for the young people in the community.
    Provide pathways to existing sports clubs.

We will work with all members of the community without prejudice on age, gender, disability, ability, religion, race, socio economic backgrounds with our programmes being fully inclusive.

Any profits made by the company will be reinvested in the company; this will be in equipment but more extensively on coach development.

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